Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Coronavirus drives demand for working at home transformations says RIBA

New research commissioned by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) reveals the significant impact of the coronavirus pandemic on how people want to live and work at home. It shows that UK homeowners are increasingly demanding environmentally efficient properties that better support their new ways of living, as well as their mental health, happiness and family cohesion.

Around 70% of those questioned believe the design of their home has affected their mental wellbeing during the pandemic while RIBA’s research indicated that 23% believe a better-designed home will increase their happiness; they'd be able to relax more (31%) and sleep better (17%).

And with working from home now the ‘new normal’ for many, 15% want to improve the design of their home to help them be more productive.

“For many of us our home is our favourite place and an important part of our identity," said Environmental Psychologist and Lecturer at University of Surrey, Eleanor Ratcliffe. "Over recent months our homes have had to become the workplace, school, and gym, and yet still be a place to relax and recover from all the everyday stresses and strains - impacting entire households. The RIBA’s research demonstrates that many people realise that their home in its current form does not cater for all these different uses and users." Nearly a quarter of homeowners (23%) would reconfigure their existing spaces while 40% want more environmental-design features. Around 17% would create an office space to support working from home and 12% need more personal space.

Image courtesy Norwegian Log 


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