Thursday, November 05, 2020

Garden office survey: only 8% of businesses say working in a 'traditional' office is a priority

As we enter a second lockdown, a new survey from garden office specialists Smart (one of their Ultra models is pictured above) argues that employers’ and employees’ priorities have changed since the pandemic has hit. The company's online The UK Work from Home Survey 2020 was completed by business leaders across the UK and reveals that:

  • 60%  say work life balance and spending time with their family is the main reason for considering working from home
  • 42% say being more productive and being able to prioritise is the main reason for considering working from home
  • 52% say being better off from not commuting is the main reason for considering working from home
  • 70% say that they would be happy for their staff to have a flexible approach to working from home in the future
  • Only 8% of businesses say that working in the office is a priority
  •  60% say time with family and time with friends will be the most influential factor to impact their happiness at home over the next 2-3 years

"The survey results show that business leaders are more open than ever to considering new options to ensure both them and their staff can deliver to the best of their ability," said Smart's Sue Philips, "wherever they are based, not only for the benefits of the business but also for the health and well-being of their staff."

You can read the full results on the Smart site here


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