Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Writer Seeks 20-second Commute

The fine folk at Colorado-based Studio Shed put out a regular e-newsletter thing which is well worth subscribing to. In their most recent one, they focus on Marco and Kayla Morelli who together run a graphic design firm, both work at home, and both dislike commuting. Here's a snippet:

“But once our daughter needed a room of her own, there went my office,” said Marco. He quickly realized that, while Kayla was comfortable working anywhere in the house, what he needed wasn’t just a new “space to work” – he needed a space-all-his-own offering privacy, flexible hours, few interruptions and, most of all, quiet.

The Morellis then considered converting their attic into living space but decided that the cost and disruption involved in a major home renovation were not optimal. Finally they turned their gaze towards the untapped space in their own backyard. Bingo, they thought: this is it. With this we get everything we want, with minimal pain involved.
So they went for a Studio Shed backyard office, facing south for warmth in winter and shade in summer, with radiant-heated Brazilian slate floors which sound rather nice. The commute is 20 seconds.
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