Thursday, December 06, 2012

Gun turrets: the ultimate man pad?

Clive Milner, General Manager at Leafield Logistics, has been in touch, wondering if he has come across what he describes as "the ultimate man pad". They're spacious, they're solid, they're in need of a little imaginative d├ęcor. Yes, they're 4.5” gun turrets from a Royal Navy ship.

"They weigh in at around 1 and half tons," explains Clive "but are a roomy 3m x 4 m with head room of around 3m so there's plenty of space. A lot of the shell is fibreglass so is easily painted to get away from the gloomy grey colour. They come complete with viewing windows where the gun and other items used to protrude from the structure.

"We have received seven in various states of repair and some still contain wiring and control boxes inside the turret which could remain as a unique feature and ladders on the roof which might be useful for adjusting the satellite dish once it’s installed. They have only just arrived with us so we haven’t had the chance to prove the idea but I am sure your readers might be able to suggest novel ways to utilise the space..."
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  1. Would be good for someone with an astronomical telescope

  2. Imagine what you could do with these... I want one!