Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Beccy Smart: wagonworker

Photographer Beccy Smart has recently become a wagonworker. "The one I bought is based on the design of a Victorian bathing hut, crossed with a shepherd's hut," she explains. "I use it as a photography studio and keep it in a small yard in east London. The idea started with finding a quiet space where I could 'escape'... I was looking at beach huts, which didn't quite fit what I needed, and then suddenly I found this... The chap who built it did so to a high spec (he used to build boats) and it is beautifully finished, with a double bunk, a fold out desk, and even a mini wood burning stove."

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  1. Now I do have shed (wagon) envy. What a thing of beauty.

  2. Its just a pity that they are over 2.5 m high, imagine that as a garden office, very inspiring...