Friday, December 07, 2012

Hospital pods

As well as the increased use of shedlike atmospheres in schools, there has been a definite rise in the use of similar structures within hospitals, as we've recorded here on Shedworking. Another entry in this folder is the latest installation from officepod at the Whittington Hospital, London. Here's what they say about the build:
"The hospital is typical of the many organisations that find themselves under intense pressure to make the best possible use of their resources, including their real estate. And of course, ensuring that patients and staff are provided with a wide range of suitable accommodation is a key objective. In this instance, OfficePOD were asked to create a consultation room from which the hospital benefits in two ways; firstly, this important facility occupies otherwise difficult space in an atrium setting and, secondly, it frees up a room elsewhere for clinical use."
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  1. Great Idea, this is perfect if you want to sell say mobile phones in a shopping centre, you take your unit in, if business is slow and you want to move to another area, or shopping centre, you can pick up your shop and move it, and no more expensive refits. Great idea. We are doing something similar with our Tan pods for office space solutions.