Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Napoleon Complex - a tiny house village

Jay Shafer has left his Tumbleweed Tiny Houses company and set up at Four Lights where one of his new plans is for a tiny house village. Here's what he says:
"In many ways, tiny houses work best in concert with other tiny houses and shared amenities. This is a dream long-shared by many including myself. The place will be zoned as an R.V. park, but will look and feel more like the concept drawings I’m presenting to the left. I’ve used the same design principles that go into each of my tiny house designs to create an environment that feels contained but not confining—vibrant but not at all crowded.For now, I’m jokingly using the term “co-housing for the antisocial” because, while its design does facilitate interaction, Napoleon Complex will also provide enough privacy to satisfy even its most introverted inhabitants."
Set up like a co-opeartive, residents will own their mobile house and the land it's on, paying a monthly fee for keeping communal facilities in shape. He hopes to have it in place by 2015. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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