Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Forest Pond House, sunken library, KREOD

Pond House by TDO from BenBlossom on Vimeo.
The Architects' Journal annual Small Projects Award always provides a feast of marvellous designs, many of them shedworking-based. Here are a few of our favourite things from the 2013 shortlist (click here to see all of them). Above is the Forest Pond House, by TDO Architecture, entrancingly described as "a space for meditation and a children’s den in the woods" in rural Hampshire. It's a timber build in plywood, glass and copper and frankly, I want it.

Next is a sunken library outbuilding in the garden of a home in the South Downs National Park by MW Architects. Here's what they say about it:
"The building is cut into the natural slope and extends to form a retaining wall for a new lawn and orchard at the same level as the main house. At the lower level the library has an aspect back into woodland. Viewed from the house the building peeks up above the lawn making it practically invisible and maintains the woodland view behind. The library is a quiet escape from the busy household. Like a cave; it is buried in its landscape but visually connected to the surrounding environment."
Again, it's on my list for Father Christmas.

And finally, KREOD from Pavilion Architects (photos by Jaap Oepkes), technically an exhibition space but still a wonderful shedlike construction which could be used for shedworking, built as 20m2 hexagonal waterproof and interconnecting pods to resemble three seeds. They're build of kebony, fact fans. You can see them at Peninsula Square, between Emirates Air Line and The O2 at Greenwich Peninsula until April 2013. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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