Monday, December 17, 2012

Platform 5's shoffice

A lovely garden office by architects Platform 5 at the back of a 1950s terraced house in London's St John’s Wood with the brief "requiring the shoffice to be conceived of as a sculptural object that flowed into the garden space". Here's what they say about it:
The glazed office space nestles into an extruded timber elliptical shell, reminiscent of a wood shaving, and forms a small terrace in the lawn. The interior is oak lined and fitted out with a cantilevered desk and storage. Two rooflights - one glazed above the desk with another open to the sky outside the office bring light into the work space.
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  1. Artistic, but a waste of timber!!

  2. Shoffice? FFS no! Step too far!

  3. This does have some nice looks to it. But as the previous comments say, it's going a bit too far. Maybe it could have focused a bit more on keeping materials at a minimum while still maintaining a suitable design.

  4. Maybe this could be reproduced with different materials. Perhaps cement can replace those wood so as to protect it from the weather. This design is actually great for outdoor office that seeks to leave a lasting impression on anyone who drops by.