Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sneak preview of George Clarke's Amazing Spaces (video)

On tonight at 8pm on Channel 4. Here's what the production company say about it:
George Clarke's Amazing Spaces sees him travel around the country looking at amazing micro builds and the inspired people undertaking them. With people looking to maximise every inch of space in their homes or gardens, George discovers that size is no object in the world of micro design. He meets the people creating spaces in the unlikeliest of places: from disused toilets to shipping containers, horse boxes to state of the art airstreams. And George is no passive bystander. For just £300 he buys himself a knackered old 1970's caravan, but in just three months he hopes to transform it into the most extraordinary small space you've ever seen. Each episode is clearly themed according to the challenge facing George and his own micro build. From planning laws to maximising space, every programme is packed with jeopardy, ingenuity and wonderfully eccentric characters. The small space revolution is well under way.
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  1. Sigh....pitched this very same idea to several networks a few years back and over and over people said "no one cares about small spaces"- now these type shows are starting to pop up a lot- which is AWESOME, but just shows how clueless network execs can be- no foresight. Anyway, I def. look forward to checking this out!

  2. We have been lucky enough to be part of this great series and have designed and built a beach hut that is going to be features in episode 3(6th Nov).
    Have a look here for a sneak preview: www.bambooape.com or www.facebook.com/bambooape

    It's been a great experience and is a great show, full of amazing design inspiration and dedicated people.