Monday, October 01, 2012

From garden office to massive warehouse

Sometimes shedworking is the perfect way to start small and build up your business to the point where you simply outgrow the shed. That's what's happened to owners of Jacaranda Carpets Richard Meager, Justin Meers and his wife Debra Meers.

As reported in the Lutterworth Mail, the business started in a garden office and has now moved to a 12,500ft squared warehouse at Magnetic Park in Desborough. Richard Meager told the Mail:
"I started Jacaranda in 2004, from a shed in my garden and against the wishes of my 
wife. Now we work together as a husband and wife team, in a healthy, growing company with an annual turnover of £5million."
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  1. Wow! Amazing. I guess I have to congratulate these guys. Keep it up and more power!

  2. Alice2:30 PM

    I love these amazing and beautiful garden office. Thanks!

    Alice @ Cheap Sheds NZ Limited