Monday, October 08, 2012

Garden pods on Dragons' Den

It's not often you get very similar products being tried out on BBC's Dragons' Den business investment/light entertainement show, but the latest episode featured another shedlike atmosphere following last year's appearance of O-Pod.

This time round it's Glen Brady from Oakenclough who's aiming to get the business folk to invest in his glamping/garden office pods. It starts off fairly promisingly but then, er... You can catch it on the BBC's iPlayer thingy here from about 29 minutes in. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. OK...not being nasty, but starting off by telling the whole world that your building is built from off cuts, well?? I think we would all agree rather stupid, then telling the whole world that a building made from off cuts costs 6000, when it only costs 800 to 1000 to make..not too clever. Then he tries to convince the dragons to invest in a company that will be buying the product from his other company, and not offering that company up as part of the deal, was a major mistake also.
    He wanted in all tense and purposes to make double profit? Did he truly think the Dragons were that stupid?
    And when LEO called it a shed, not a building, well that signed the deal!
    Offering a quality product to the public or trade, means you must build it from FSC graded material,that will last the test of time, not how long the glue will stay stuck together.
    All in all it was a poor attempt to take money from intelligent people, and gave our industry a bad name!

  2. martin stenner8:38 PM

    I think it was a great product .. seling at 6K and making for 800 .. thats a good business head

    l sell flat pack offices and would love to see this product

  3. its evident that greed is far more important than honesty and quality of profit with in the UK.
    Gladly ethics are our strong point, and honesty and openness of pricing has propelled us to be known for quality, design and price.