Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Building a garden office: before and after

Mark Burton of Custom Built Surrey is a wise chap. Contacted by a young couple in Weybridge who had their own ideas as to what their new garden office should look like, he got to work drawing up a plan of what they had in mine and - here's the really intelligent bit - gave them a copy of Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution book to tempt them with potential ideas.

"It had to have a desk area for computers, a large storage box which doubled up as a sleeping area, a walking shower with WC and lots of storage up high to find a home for large items such as suitcases," says Mark. "When built, the garden and old fence still made the garden look tatty so out came the tools again and the whole garden was transformed."

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  1. Quite honestly, this is a case where I prefer the before picture. The new design removed all signs of life in the earth and replaced it with monoculture grass and a plain box ( with no eaves!). What happened to that nice cherry tree, too?


  2. Some people like rough and rustic, some people like nice and neat. The customer was over the moon with the result as it was just what they wanted.
    The Cherry tree was re-located to the front garden.

  3. Anonymous12:26 PM

    I kinda have to agree, I *love* garden buildings but when you forsake the actual 'garden' for the building the it kind of defeats the object. What about the natural habitat for insects, bees and hedgehogs, newts and frogs etc...?

  4. After completing a project like this you would expect the result to be neat. The great thing ( and sometimes bad too) thing about gardens is that they keep on growing no matter what. I'm sure the shed and surroundings will soften and weather in time! In the mean time that's a great shed I'd love to have in my own garden.

  5. Anonymous6:11 PM

    This is my dad's garden, though the shed may be finished the garden isn't. They are planning on planting many flowers and possibly a vegetable/herb patch and water feature, plenty more to come :)

  6. Definitely a great post. I love the garden office. That is really cool. Thanks!

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