Monday, October 22, 2012

Monty Don: shedworker

Those of you who watch Gardeners' World on the BBC will last week have noticed that presenter Monty Don did rather a lot of work in what he called his 'Writing Garden'. Although he didn't elaborate on the shedlike atmosphere that was constantly in shot (pictured above in screengrabs), we're presuming this was his writing hut which Bunny Guinness referred to in the Daily Telegraph . Here's what she said:
Long Meadow has been created on a limited budget by Monty and Sarah, and maintained for the past four years with no outside help. It is their dream garden, and we viewers will be able to see it all: from the walled garden at the front where the family eat outside, to the orchard, where Monty’s son built a special writing hut for him while he was ill, and all the intriguing spaces between. The Spring Garden, Dry Garden, Vegetable Garden, Lime Walk, the Jewel Garden (using jewel or metallic colours for high impact), greenhouse and potting shed, nursery area, Cricket Lawn, Hazel Copse and the Damp Garden – all connected, it seems, in a well-ordered and cohesive fashion.
You can see the episode again on the BBC's iPlayer thingy here - the hut is featured mostly towards the start of the programme.
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  1. BBC iPlayer is not available in the US. Drat.

  2. Anonymous11:44 AM

    really interesting piece here
    monty don is GOAT