Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christian Cowburn: shedworker

This is the garden studio my wife and I built (with help) last year, writes Christian Cowburn. I had been inspired by your Shedworking blog and thought this might be of interest to your followers.

We live in a very standard brick built semi-detached house with two children and a dog. I buy and sell design pieces, and in her spare time my wife creates felt pieces and writes stories for children - the idea was that she could have a lovely space with water and all her materials at hand to be able to create whenever she wanted. I also needed room for a lot of my reference books/auction catalogues and somewhere peaceful to study/research.

The studio sits where the old prefab garage was but has proper foundations, mains water and electrics, is fully insulated and heated. The front third of the building is accessed by the original garage doors and houses the bikes, tools, lawnmower etc. I used a saltbox-shaped roof stop it being too boxy - as well as adding nice angles inside and out it also keeps the overall height down - and old bricks to be sympathetic to the house.

A lot of the materials were sourced from ebay including the bricks, the windows and virtually all the internal fittings including the floor and we re-used any materials we could from the old garage.

It has proved very successful, it has enabled my wife to create more in the last year than ever before and is just a lovely space enjoyed by the whole family and built with a modest budget.

Thank you for the inspiration,

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  1. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Christian Cowburn love your brick built building in the garden, replacing garage. Could you help did you need planning permission, also is the building under 2.5m. Many thanks