Friday, June 01, 2012

Shedworking taking off in Los Angeles

Are garden offices finally reaching a tipping point in the USA? An interesting article by Lisa Boone in the Los Angeles Times looks at several examples (including The Office actor Rainn Wilson's designed by Make Architecture, pictured above) and says that "At a time when so many people are bringing the office home, there’s a growing desire for more separation, physical and psychological, between work and personal life." But here's the really interesting paragraph:
At a home tour organized by the American Institute of Architects’ Los Angeles chapter last month, three out of the five homes had a detached office. It’s an increasingly common solution for L.A.’s creative class, which does include the architects themselves. “Architects are very happy about this solution as they reduce overheard costs and have the opportunity to spend more time with their family,” said Carlo Caccavale, associate director of the Los Angeles AIA. For many, an office located at home but not in the home is proving to be the best way to reconcile work life with family life.
Also mentioned in the article is artist Janie Geiser , pictured below, who works in a 1955 Airfloat Land Yacht at her home.

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