Wednesday, June 27, 2012

TJ Tomlin's writing shed

A nice interview with shedworker and assistant professor of history at the University of Northern Colorado, T.J. Tomlin at The Way Of Improvement Leads Home . Here's a snippet:
"I first encountered (and was an instant convert to) the concept of “shedworking” about five years ago. The cost kept me from going for it until this past spring, when I found my shed on craigslist. I prefer to work in a quiet, private space rather than in public or with any kind of background noise. I also have three-year old twins. They make my life far richer and my house far noisier. Although I have a comfortable office at my university, it is 40 minutes away. Many of my days, nights, and weekends are spent writing, grading, and preparing courses from home. Working from a shed offers a clear, physical separation of work from the rest of my life that has been very refreshing."
More details, interview and photos at the link above.
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