Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Build your own garden office: blogs in progress

If you are thinking of building your own garden office, then here are two useful blogs which have been charting the experience first hand. The first is Building The Garden Office by Ricky Mills, a "self-employed web developer, mobile app developer, online 'handy-man'" who got tired of working from a bedroom and decided initially to convert his garage into a garden office but then plumped for building his own (well, converting a log cabin). You can see the photos of it in the above slideshow.

The second one is Building a Studio which is being built by the husband of equestrian artist Sally Lancaster to be used as an art studio. They have gone down a similar route as they explain:
"After a bit of casting around the solution we’ve gone for is one of those ‘log cabin’ style garden offices that we’ll build and then add additional insulation etc ourselves. Arriving at this solution was a fairly simple process of elimination as we don’t have the cash to employ someone to build us something proper and I don’t have the confidence to build something out of nothing – hence buying a kit and customising."
Both blogs are well worth a browse.
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  1. Interesting to see how others enjoy building garden rooms

  2. Hi. You've put together a fantastic post here! Garden rooms are an affordable and convenient way to add more living space to your home. Not to mention you have the flexibility of a space away from the main house - which is ideal whether you want to use it as an office, workshop, or just a new space in which to chill out and enjoy your garden.

    Best wishes, Alex

  3. I love this blog!! This has given me a great idea for the ugly old dog kennel in my backyard. i will also create a shed in my yard for storage wood.

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  4. Thank you for sharing! There are few things as calming as planning and constructing your own garden house. The end result, even if things don't go entirely as plan, is also incredibly satisfying.

    Thanks for sharing!

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