Thursday, May 31, 2012

Aaron Cook: shedworker

Taekwondo under 80kg world number one Aaron Cook, currently engaged in a bizarre bid to actually be included in the GB taekwondo Olympic team, is a shedworker. He has trained in the specially-designed shed built by his father at his home since the age of eight. "It was a pretty big space for an eight-year-old," he said. "It meant I was training more than anyone else my age." Here's how the Daily Mail describes it:
"The shed smells new, looks like the inside of a sauna and in one corner there are three mannequins — all called Bob — which Cook uses as targets. Each Bob wears a helmet and jacket fitted with sensors linked to a scoring pad so Cook knows if his kicks win him points."
Homestead Timber Buidlings - Garden Rooms as used by Kirsty Allsopp

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