Friday, June 22, 2012

Pod for a writer and Buddhist scholar

A lovely garden office from Sustainsia for a client who wanted a special space where he could meditate and work on his book about Buddhism. It features Phillipine mahogony and birch interior paneling, wood flooring, and an African mahogany slatted bench that turns into a futon bed. Here's what they say about the success of the space. "In the few months after we finished, he reported to us that he had completed his book, and the space has been a haven where his creative energies are focused. Perhaps it's all the curved surfaces, but whatever it is a metaphysical quality to the space that can only understand by being in the space. He meditates regularly each morning and sometimes sleeps in the space to awake rejuvenated."

More photos of the build here. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. A great "shed" but a bit plush for a Buddhist devoted to freeing the self from the distractions of this life. But a great shed.