Thursday, June 21, 2012

Polly Bird's bookbinding shed

Northumberland-based bookbinder Polly Bird worked for several years from her front room. When her husband tired of tripping over bookbinding equipment she decided to get a garden office in which to work and asked InsideOut Buildings to build her the ideal bookbinding studio. The requirements were specific but important: lots of light, reinforced floors to take heavy bookbinding presses, height, space and a wooden beam from which to hang bookbinder’s rolls. The result is the ideal bookbinding environment.

 "The advantages for a bookbinder of working in a garden studio are many," she says. "Equipment and materials can remain untouched until needed and are out of the family’s way. Customers can visit without disturbing the household and are impressed by the professional environment. The bookbinder can work undisturbed with everything arranged to meet their working needs. I have not regretted the decision to take the shedworking route."

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