Monday, June 04, 2012

Shipping container garden office

After a huge flurry of interest a couple of years ago in using shipping containers as buildings/building blocks, the excitement seems to have died down a little. However, we rather like this charming design by Shane Peterson who - using 3D Studio Max 2012, Vray and Photoshop - has turned a standard 20′ steel shipping container into a garden office which could be put together off site and then delivered to a home. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. One problem I have with shipping containers is their 8ft (2.4384 meters) width that gets even narrower when insulated. It may be less expensive and quicker to achieve a habitable space than standard construction but one should really compare costs of other construction methods. I found an old book (1953) entitled "The House and the Art of it's Design" by Robert Woods Kennedy having a chapter on "Livability". Whether it's a garden shed/personal retreat or a smaller residence, the phenomenon of "being" in a space should be considered b4 creating it. Just because it's small does not mean it can't be spiritually enhancing.

  2. Who knew you can actually turn those shipping containers in some classy living spaces like that? I was driving down this storage in delray beach fl and the place is like one mammoth shipping container! For what its worth, I think they should just turn the area into something like that.

  3. Nicely done!!! How hard was it to modify the container?