Friday, January 21, 2011

Western Australia recycled shedworking

George, a reader of Shedworking from Western Australia, has sent in details of a garden office he built for his eldest son who runs his electronic repair business inside it. Here's what George says:
"I used to drive an old pick up. Whenever I saw anything useful, I would pick it up and store it at home. Off cuts of limestone blocks from building site rubbish piles, old window frames from the local tip shop and or demolitions yards. The local rubbish tips, like many tips around the world today, have tip shops where you are able to buy building materials, old furniture and the like, that people where going to throw out. Less stuff goes to land fill and it is a good source of materials.

The floor is recycled bricks that I collected over the past few years. The windows are from demolitions and the tip. The small back wall is from limestone blocks left over from other jobs or again ex demolition. Some of the wood from the frame is from a neighbours demolished pergola and the rest is plantation timber pine. In Western Australia it gets hot in summer so keeping heat out is a problem at times. I insulated the wall cavities with insulation made from recycled glass. It is very effective, but horrible stuff to use, even with gloves. The roof is white colourbond which helps reflect the sun. All the walls and roof have a layer of reflective sarking under the outer panelling which also helps keep the heat out. Painting the whole thing white also helps.

I drew up the plans based on the idea of an old bathing hut. The floor plan is shaped to fit the area of the garden the shed sits in. It is now powered and quite functional."
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  1. This guy sounds like my husband! He brings everything home "just in case"!

    This guy made a great shed - love the doors!