Saturday, January 01, 2011

Tom and Carol Snider: his and hers shedworking

Seattle-based Carol and Tom Snider enjoy the luxury of two garden offices, both built by the very talented Tom. Above is his own shedworking atmosphere (which, judging from Carol's Northwest Ladybug blog may initially have been intended for her...) and below is her own writing hut. Lots more photos of the build here and here
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  1. Hi! Carol, of Carol and Tom here...

    Thanks for the call-out! Just to clarify, these are both garden sheds. I would have LOVED a writer's retreat (thus my quip about it), but actually, that was never the intention -- though there's even less gardening going on around here than there is writing! :-)

    Tom is a master craftman and has also pretty much rebuilt our entire home, installing two river rock fireplaces, beautiful floors, etc. You can read about that/see photos here:

    I'd love to find a magazine (preferably American, I'd think?) that will profile Tom's work. Any suggestions/connections?