Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Soe Ker Tie House

The Soe Ker Tie House, in the village of Noh Bo, Thailand on the border with Burma, is now home to these marvellous shedlike structures from non-profit architect humanitarian specialists TYIN Tegnestue. These six separate buildings - with bamboo weave walls and corrugated steel roofs - are designed as accommodation for orphaned children living in the village to ensure they have plenty of space they can call their own rather than sleep and live in a single dorm. Photographs: Pasi AaltoVia arkinetblog
Thanks to Boidus for the alert
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  1. wow these sheds are awesome, think i might build one in the future :-)


  2. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Nice design but i think the angled roof overhangs should be deleted - there is allot of extra material cost in these for one thing. Also, this area of the world gets hit by typhoons, aka hurricanes, and the overhangs are going to catch the wind and the whole structure is going to blow away.