Thursday, November 26, 2009

Arctic shedworking

The Arctic Drifter from Studio Les Betes is a mobile, inflatable shedworking (and indeed living) device for use in the Arctic, travelling along the ground when fully inflated (it's what one might call an Arctic roll...), then sitting in a stable formation when mostly deflated. Here's how it works inside:
The crew capsule is mounted inside a three-axis gymbal, and the heavy mechanical systems and batteries are mounted below the center of gravity, causing it to float upright in any orientation. The gymbal system is equipped with two low-speed high-torque electric motors, intended for repositioning the on-site or for short-distance travel. During wind-powered travel, the motors are used for steering control, allowing the Drifter to “tack” away from the wind.
It also has a self-contained composting toilet.Via The Design Blog
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