Thursday, November 19, 2009

Choosing a shed - Studioni

Based in Northern Ireland, Studioni is a new garden office supplier although they point out that their directors have served the UK Garden Buildings market for 14 years and delivered hundreds of garden rooms. Here's what MD Sean Gallagher says:
"Driven by a need to work from home, I built my first garden room for myself in 2001. Over the years it changed in function from my personal work space to the children’s games room, then to my wife’s art studio. When we sold our property in 2009, our garden room added a fantastic £10,000 to the value and we got the asking price in just 2 days!"
There is a good range of sizes depending on your shedworking needs, all built using 100mm polyurethane SIPS, clad in
Western Red Cedar and with all the electrics, double glazine and insulation you'd look for in a garden office. Interestingly, Studioni say only 10 per cent of potential customers now ask for a printed brochure, the rest download their pdf. On Twitter they are @studioni

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