Thursday, November 12, 2009

Posh Shed Appreciation Society: design competition

The Posh Shed Appreciation Society is a Facebook group run by carpenter Martin Cox who specialises in garden offices, sheds, outdoor structures and reclaimed materials. Today, Martin's launching a design competion aimed at non-professionals, although pros are welcome too. Here are the details:
What would your perfect small outdoor space look like and what would it be for? A posh shed on wheels for towing to festivals perhaps? A snug reading room for the end of your garden? A party hut a la 'Miniscule of Sound'? Or just a funky storage idea? However simple or wacky, send your ideas to this group by 10 December. You don't have to be a designer, a builder or a Habitat fan - you just need to have one inspired idea. Describe it in a few words or just draw a rough sketch and post it to the group page. Easy. There's no big cash prize I'm afraid, but the best one will be drawn up as a shiny new 3D sketch and offered to clients as one of my range of designs! You will be given full credit for this. Let your imagination run wild.
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