Friday, November 06, 2009

Floating shedworking marinas

It's interesting to hear the latest news from H2Office on the back of my predictions for the future of shedworking: while their first floating office unit is getting close to completion, they are also now talking about the possibility of marina operators running a floating business park. According to Steve Evans at H2Offices this would:
* provide a turn-key solution for the development of a new income stream
* make use of under-utilised water (perhaps too shallow/inaccessible for boats)
* fill up empty berths with income-generating units
* offer office unit dimensions suitable for standard marina berths

Their future plans also include: a flotilla kitted out as luxury hotel rooms (a floatel); a tsunami relief and emergency hospital kit out (since it's transportable by Chinook); and a 'stand-alone' off-grid version for mooring away from power supplies and for remote locations. Indeed the H2Office team has been very busy recently. The design won the "Spatial" category of the Cardiff Design Festival and has also been shortlisted for the South Wales Business Awards in the category of Business & Technological Innovation.

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