Sunday, November 08, 2009

Ontario Design Show: Shed theme

The Ontario Interior Design Show claims to be Canada's largest contemporary design fair and the 2010 show next January promises to be a particularly interesting one for shedworkers since one of the feature exhibits - Five Small Rooms - is dedicated to shedlike atmospheres. Here's what they say:
Spotted in the trendiest international design magazines or perhaps in your neighbour’s backyard, the podspace, aka the shed or bunky is au courant. Ontario residents are taking advantage of a building bylaw allowing 100 sq ft free-standing units without a building permit. On both city and country property, used as an office or studio, guest room, kids’ play room or den, these 100sq ft spaces serve a multitude of functions while extending one’s living space. See how 5 designers, decorators and stylists each transform a basic 100 sq ft shed into a small room.
One for the diary.

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