Friday, February 27, 2009

Garden office suppliers map

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I've been pondering the best way to list all the garden office suppliers around the world and rather than a single way, we'll be rolling out various methods over coming months. Hopefully this will help prospective shedworkers search for nearby suppliers (though bear in mind that many will travel outside their immediate vicinity to build) as well as raising the profile of suppliers themselves. So here's the first step, a map of where those suppliers are which will also be given a prominent slot on the right hand column. I'll be updating it gradually myself, but if you're a supplier, please feel free to add your own marker and details (and if you're a shedworker, you're also more than welcome to make your mark). I've started things off by adding Shedworking HQ and also the nearest supplier to us, Vivid Green.

1 comment:

  1. Great Idea, was thinking of doing the same with the shedrecory... but never got roudn to it. leveraging the google maps API to interface with the shed based backend - or something...

    but your wossname has willed me on, of course we should merge our datasets and do the ultimate online shed directory.....