Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Travel behaviour of shedworkers - new report

A new report from the Department of Transport looks at 'Impacts of teleworking and homeworking on travel behaviour'. It's a dense 64-pager to wade through (you can download the whole thing here where there is also a list of the key findings) but of particular interest are that:
* Those with low work and personal needs tended to describe a decrease in travel as a result of teleworking. This reduction in travel was sometimes a conscious decision for personal reasons such as environmental or financial concerns, and/or maintaining a personal work ethic during working hours
* Overall although teleworking appears to displace journey times to potentially less congested times, it may not necessarily reduce travel demand and car use at least for some people. Specifically, there is some evidence of greater annual distances being travelled and increased travel for personal business by existing teleworkers
* Some teleworkers felt teleworking led to improved quality of life through, for example, less formality during working hours, access to home facilities, removed commute journeys, and increased scope for leisure and community-based activities.

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