Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl homeworking

At Poynter, Kenny Irby talks to Gary Hershorn, North American news picture editor for Reuters, about covering this year's Super Bowl. He won't be covering it from the stadium as in previous years, he'll be working on it at home. "Not only will Hershorn enjoy the comfort of working in his home, but he'll be working more efficiently than he would be if he were on-site," says Irby, who adds it will also be cheaper. "Remote editing is perfect for covering events like the Super Bowl, where speed is paramount." Hershon added: "The fundamental belief that editors need to be in a stadium is being put to rest. Having an editor sit in the comfort of their own office or home, working on desktop computers with large screens rather then on small laptops in noisy, crowded and anything but comfortable conditions in a stadium is proving to be a very positive move forward in photo editing." There's also a picture of Hershorn in his living room at the Poynter site, absolutely surrounded by computers.

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