Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Garden offices defined

There are probably as many sheds as there are shedworkers, but the Arthouse Gardens blog makes a game effort at dividing them into three categories:
* The "closed" garden office, a small building, shed or converted garage with windows and own electrics
* The "open" garden office, the 'Bedouin' alternative, more patio than shed with plants as walls and no roof
* The best of both worlds, a shedlike building with wide doors so you can work either inside or outside on decking
I also like his more philosophical take on shedlike atmospheres: "Garden offices aren't necessarily meant to be 8 hour a day offices. Sometimes they're designed to inspire the creative type who needs a change of pace. They're designed for the work at home person that loves to watch their pets or children from time to time while they work away and everyone else plays. They're designed to relieve stress for the lawyer, the doctor, the business executive who wants to be close to family but has work to do. They're designed to be used as an extension of the home office when needing to pay bills, plan the grocery list for the week."

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