Sunday, February 04, 2007

Should both husband and wife work from home?

So, is it a good idea or a bad idea? Can you and your life partner share a garden office as well as the school run? Vishal Rao at lifehack is in no doubt about the risks and pressures it puts on a relationship, saying: "There is no thrill of taking a day off from work to do some of the household chores that have piled up or the excitement about saving time on a weekend to complete the shopping that we intended to do. Due to constant presence of the other person, we had probably got too used to being around."

However, Anne Zelenka at Web Worker Daily is less sure and even suggests that homeworking has widened her social circle. "I haven’t found that home-based web work is turning me into a recluse. Quite the contrary. For the most part, I find web workerhood and home-based work even better for expanding my professional and social network than my previous cubicle career. I have made deeper and more meaningful relationships working online than I ever did working in a traditional office setup."

A more robust rebuttal comes from the always readable Grant Griffiths at Home Office Lawyer. "BULL!!!!!" he thunders. "I have had my office in my home now for just over two years. I can honestly say my wife and I have both enjoyed it greatly."

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