Monday, February 12, 2007

Second life - free virtual office facilities at depo

We reported on depo consulting last year and how they were doing business online at Second Life. Here is their response: "Thank you for taking an interest in our Second Life adventures. Since December we have built a virtual office, designed by a New York architect who has work for REM's Michael Stipe and Woody Allen in his portfolio. It is due to be featured in the next edition of Building Magazine. We really think that the virtual office is the future and are keen to have people try out the facilities. Hopefully it will open the possibility of shedworking for many more people.

"If your readers are interested, all the facilities are available free of charge to anyone looking to experiment with holding meetings and events on Second Life. We have meeting rooms that hold up to twelve, and a really rather attractive auditorium that will hold about 30 people. We also have an underwater coral meeting room for those looking for something a little different. The main rooms have multimedia screens, so you can give presentations.

"You can find us by searching for depo in places on Second Life, or our contact details are on our web site - please book before using the rooms, and we will make sure there is someone to set you up with all the permissions and to show you how to use everything."

Pictured is part of the depo facility on Second Life.

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