Monday, February 05, 2007

RSI Awareness Day

It can hit anyone, but homeworkers seem to be particularly at risk. Depending on who you believe, RSI Awareness Day is either on February 28 or February 24 when there will be a day-long series of events, stalls, and talks on the latest research, the law and RSI, and the latest news on treatments at University College London. For more details click here.

A good first stop is the new RSI charity RSI Action where you'll find a list of support groups around the country plus book reviews. Also take a look at 'The RSI Association site' which is actually run by IT specialist suppliers Keytools and the web site of Dr. Deepak Sharan, described by the Wall Street Journal as "something of a cult figure in the world of RSI".

There are a number of suppliers who realise the importance of keeping the various bits of your body at the right angle, among them Homeworking Solutions who supply ergonomic office furniture and software for offices of all sizes. Also take a look at Maltron who claim to sell the first keyboard "to achieve RSI recovery". Also ergonomically-sensitive are System Concepts who have their own ergonomics and health and safety consultants.

And naturally there are the blogs. RSI Relief is very useful and readable (which can't always be said of articles on RSI) and has stacks of links to other sites, while I also like the look of the optimistically-titled Goodbye RSI, again detailed but personal with posts like 'Beer - the great RSI anaesthetic'.


  1. Anonymous5:25 PM

    RSI Day is officially February 29, the only non-repetitive day on the calendar. In non-leap years, it is marked on February 28. Either way, it is always officially the last day of February. How do I know? I am the Canadian injured worker who started the day.

  2. Thanks for clearing that up. It's an intriguing date to pick, although - at the risk of being nitpicky - it's surely slightly repetitive isn't it, just a bit less repetitive than, say, March 26?