Friday, February 23, 2007

Me Space

Working in a garden office is very much about 'me space' so I was intrigued by these comments from David Wilson Homes who say there is a new trend towards homeowners looking for personal space and escape within the home. Ian Webb, group marketing director for David Wilson Homes, comments: “As home technology has grown, the bathroom has become for many the only room in the house without some form of communication or IT equipment; in fact, in our survey 26 percent of respondents said that the bathroom was their dedicated quiet space with no technological distractions, where respondents could escape to, to completely relax and switch off. But with the introduction of bathroom focused IT - like waterproof televisions, integrated music systems etc - the result for many is that as bathrooms are updated with the latest mod cons, we will see the demise of its role as a ‘sanctuary’.”

So the next big thing in home space engineering is? According to Webb, a meditation, Yoga or ‘quiet room’. “Whilst we are predicting a rise in quiet or mediation rooms within the home, it is important not to be prescriptive...whether it is a bedroom, a yoga room or a reading room, each individual can adapt their me-space to suit their lifestyle.”

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