Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Sophie Reeves: shedworker

London-based textile designer Sophie Reeves is the creative force behind her company Epoch Textiles which makes handwoven, abstract Modernist rugs (example pictured above) on a floor loom, using wool from UK suppiers. In an excellent interview with Liberty, she explains how she set up the company in 2019 and also about her garden office working routine. Here's a snippet:

I’m lucky enough to currently have my studio in my garden [pictured top]. Originally, I was working out of a production space in London, like many of my peers, however, I think with weaving being such a labour intensive process, that separation from the loom itself wasn’t ideal. With the physical aspect to weaving it’s much more efficient to be able to take breaks every few hours and then come back to it rather than confine all the work into a regular working day. It’s been relatively nonstop – with the amount of yarn I have, there’s not a vast amount of space left for personal touches, so it probably does feel a touch un-customised. It’s on the to-do list!

Sophie's plans for the future include working with other British crafts experts and extending her offering to including cushions, throws, and soft furnishings. 


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