Monday, June 21, 2021

Sheds For Life: new report on impact of Irish Men's Sheds

Research into the impact of Men's Sheds is very much the flavour of the month. The latest report comes from the Irish Men's Sheds Association -  there are 450 men’s sheds in Ireland with over 10,000 men visiting a shed weekly - and was undertaken by Aisling McGrath from the Waterford Institute of Technology. She examined the IMSA's recent 'Sheds for Life' campaign to encourage men to join up. Essentially, the conclusions are that Sheds for Life:

  • Increased physical activity levels
  • Improved feelings of self worth and satisfaction with life
  • Encouraged men to talk about their mental health in a comfortable environment
  • Boost confidence in maintaining a healthy diet and general health awareness

Interestingly, it also highlighted the impact of the coronavirus lockdowns - only 1.4% of men interviewed for the study described themselves as lonely before the enforced shed closures, a figure which leapt to 39.2% a year later.

Enda Egan, CEO, Irish Men’s Sheds Association, said: "We are very encouraged that this targeted intervention produced such long term positive change. We see this as a cost-effective template to roll out across the country. The health outcomes of this group of men remain generally worse than women with higher mortality for almost all leading causes of death. This gender-specific tailored and targeted approach works on health and well-being in a meaningful and effective way, focussing risk factors and prevention through lifestyle changes.”


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