Monday, June 28, 2021

How Men's Sheds are helping to beat loneliness

The reports into the beneficial effects of Men's Sheds continue to appear unabated. The latest is a report from Glasgow Caledonian University’s Sheds for Sustainable Development Project concentrating on how the Sheds counteract social isolation.

"Men’s Sheds in the UK have been highlighted for the impact they can have on men’s social wellbeing but less is known about their ability to address social isolation and loneliness, especially among retired and unemployed men," said lead researcher, Dr Danielle Hutcheon from Glasgow Caledonian University.

In-depth interviews with 62 Shed members from five Scottish Sheds indicate that Men’s Sheds offer various activities that encourage meeting new people and forming social networks where this had been previously lacking. In particular, Sheds were found to be beneficial to those who were socially isolated due to retirement or living alone.

You can read the full report here (it's not too long and is well worth a look). 


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