Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Garden office with daybed

Retrouvius is an interesting mix of salvage company and design studio, based in London. Here is their garden office built for Henrietta Courtauld who co-runs The Land Gardeners which aims to improve soil health for gardeners and farmers. As part of the home refurbishement, Retrouvius worked on a garden office. Here's what they say about it:

This home office studio was designed to be separate from the main house but visually bridged by a thriving sea of chlorophyll and vegetables. Vintage lighting, mini copper framed windows and salvaged hardwood were all sourced from the Retrouvius warehouse and bring a settled, relaxed comfort. In keeping with the greenery of the garden, leafy textiles were used inside to conceal the office clutter. A useful daybed with hand dyed cushions from Kirsten Hecktermann has ample storage underneath.


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