Monday, July 13, 2020

Natalie Jenner: shedworker

Canadian novelist Natalie Jenner, author of the recent bestseller The Jane Austen Society, is also a shedworker. In the video below, she walks us round her writing shed. Here's what she said about it in an interview with Jane Austen's World:
My main quirk as a writer is the fact that I can and do write anywhere, anytime. I gave up my home office when my husband started working from home, and so far I have not yet been able to get it back! I write by the fireplace and big window in the living room, in bed, at the dining room table, by the pool, and last summer I treated myself to an 8 foot by 8 foot writing shed in the garden. My absolute favourite time to write is when I first wake up, usually around 5 am if I am in the middle of a book and can’t stand the suspense myself of what’s going to happen next. All I need when I write is just my laptop and sometimes a cup of English breakfast tea to keep me going.
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