Sunday, July 19, 2020

Warwick Bartlett: lockdown shedworker

A nice piece in the Isle of Man Courier about Warwick Bartlett who has been running his company Global Betting and Gaming Consultants from his summerhouse during lockdown. Here's a snippet:
Former bookmaker Mr Bartlett, originally from the West Midlands, inherited the summer house when he moved to his current home in Castletown in 2009. The wooden structure was a place ’where we stored things like suitcases. the mower and all that kind of stuff. There were lots of spiders in here and stuff. So I have given it a clean-out, painted it, had some carpet put down and had the electrician come and rewire it all’. He’s also had a radiator fitted - ’it’s got a timer fitted so it comes on an hour before I get to work in the morning’. Mr Bartlett added: ’On a sunny day I can sit here with the doors open, it’s quite relaxing really.’

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