Thursday, July 16, 2020

Garden offices on the rise in the US

While the tiny house movement has grown from strength to strength in the US over the last decade, the same cannot be said for the uptake in garden offices. While shedworking does exist and there are several companies providing a range of designs - including Kanga Room Systems, pictured above - it is not nearly as popular as in the UK (for some thoughts on this subject, see Lloyd Alter's piece on Treehugger).

However, lockdown may yet prove to be a gamechanger. In a piece for the New York Times ('Your New Home Office May Be In The Back Yard'), Tim McKeough talks to various US shedworkers and suppliers. Here's a snippet:
Millions of people are in the same space-constrained situation, where it’s often difficult to find a dedicated space to focus on work. As a remedy, a growing number of people lucky enough to have a backyard are finding their way to companies like Studio Shed, Kanga Room Systems and Modern Shed, which build small stand-alone structures that promise a little separation.

Since the pandemic struck, Studio Shed’s sales have taken off, said Mike Koenig, the company’s president. “Things just got really fast after Covid-19.” In March, he said, “We beat our forecast and easily doubled our sales over last year. In April, it was four times over last year, and May was even more than that.”
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