Saturday, July 18, 2020

Home offices now a "make-or-break feature" when selling houses

It's a bold statement from the Telegraph but they go some way to backing it up by talking to leading estate agents (albeit working in a high value home bracket). Here's a snippet:
“It’s the hottest topic among buyers, sellers, developers and house builders,’ says Marc Schneiderman from the prime Hampstead-based estate agency Arlington Residential. ‘The majority of buyers expect a workspace of some kind.” And it needn’t be big. “I have one client who runs his multi-million-pound business from a laptop and mobile phone in his home study that’s no more than 10 square feet,” he adds.
Mark Lawson, partner at The Buying Solution, also sticks his neck out in the piece over the perennial question of how much a garden or home office adds to an asking price by suggesting that a good quality home office can add 5-15% to a property’s value, “especially if it’s separate from the main house".

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