Thursday, July 23, 2020

Grumpycorn: garden offices for children

A lovely introduction to the delights of shedworking for children by writer and illustrator Sarah McIntyre, her book Grumpycorn tells the story of, well, here's how Sarah describes it:

Unicorn’s so excited… he’s going to write the most FABULOUS story in the world!

He has a special writing cottage where he can be all alone and find inspiration. What else does he need? Maybe his special pen. And his special tea. And maybe some home-baked cookies. …And an idea.

NOT the ideas of the friends - Narwhal, Mermaid and Jellyfish - who curiously arrive to find out about this fabulous story and beg to have starring roles… no, not THOSE ideas. Just GO AWAY, everyone!
Available from all good bookshops. Strongly recommended
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