Sunday, June 14, 2020

Young creatives move into shedworking

A marvellous article in The Guardian, My dad's shed is my dark room, looks at how final year arts and fashion graduates have been expressing themselves. Among those included is Rachel Pendered, pictured above, from Falmouth School of Art. Here's what she says:
I have been silkscreen-printing patterns with hand-cut stencils in my parents’ living room in Suffolk. I built a DIY exposure unit with my dad in the shed – my makeshift darkroom. My work involves playful images that campaign for environmental issues: encouraging people to buy secondhand clothes, plant trees, eat seasonally and cut down on plastics.
And here's painter and printmaker Robert McCormack from the Glasgow School of Art:
I’ve retreated to my parents’ house in Inverness, where I set up a studio in the garage. I feel lucky to have the space, even if it is a bit cold. I have continued to draw and make my own paper-pulp sculptures. My work, which incorporates performance, drawing, sculpture and installation, explores normative behaviour and status; I’m fascinated by the role of the pet. I work as a life model to help pay for materials, and I’ve kept that up online.

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