Sunday, June 07, 2020

Moving from a London office to a garden office

An interesting article in the Metro, an interview with Hereford-based Chris Giddins, who runs ecommerce promotion engine Uniqodo. Here's a snippet:
Before the crisis hit, Sarah and I would normally spend four days of the working week in London. We’d then travel back to our Hereford home on the weekends, working one day from there. As the whole team is now working from home, we’re back in the Hereford home full-time. We are incredibly lucky to have our office in the garden! We thought it would make sense to have this as we usually split our time between London and Hereford, so we built a small oak-framed out building last year. As we’re working from home full-time now, it’s amazing to have somewhere to keep work separate. I feel incredibly lucky to have this extra space and that we were already well set up to work remotely. Although, when we have conference calls I have to go outside or to the kitchen as my partner says I’m too loud!
It's worth reading the whole thing via the link above - at the end of the interview Chris adds that working from home has not only given him time to explore his local countryside, but has also "made me consider what the future of our London office might be as we haven’t really needed it and everyone’s been working well from home." ---------------------------------------

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