Friday, June 12, 2020

How many people are working from garden offices during lockdown?

Research from Moneypenny indicates that over half of people in Britain are happy to work from home and happy to carry on doing so, but what it focuses on is where people are doing it. Here are the interesting results.

That 4% is a significant number of shedworkers. 

Here are some more interesting statistics:

* When asked what time they usually get up when working from home, 42%, said it’s about one hour before they start work, 17% get up about 30 minutes before work, 15% about 45 minutes (and 6% have a lie-in and get up about 15 minutes before work with 5% getting up less than 10 minutes before work). Remarkably, 15% get up more than one hour before work.

* Around 46% of those surveyed said they made sure to keep their normal lunch hours, but nearly a third said they take shorter lunch breaks then they usually would when in the office.

* Over three-quarters said they answer calls and emails after normal working hours, blurring the line between the restful atmosphere of home life and the stress of work.

* 12% say they spend more time on work as they don’t commute.

* Three-quarters have experienced a day where they did not speak to anyone from work.

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